Silane-Based Anti-Microbial

Coatings & Surface Treatments

HM4005 and HM4001 Antimicrobial

BIOSAFE also comes in a ready-to-use EPA registered water-based formulations (95% or 99% water respectively). Products can be topically treated with the aqueous dilutions by common coating processes, such as dipping, continuous padding, and spray coating. These formulations can also be formulated into paints and coatings to provide durable antimicrobial activity in and on the dried coating film.

Applying BIOSAFE to surfaces can be accomplished by the following sequence: Typical substrate candidates include carpet, apparel, non-wovens, roll goods, building materials, shoes, and indoor environment surfaces.

HM4072 Antimicrobial

BIOSAFE is available as an EPA registered monomer concentrate at 72% in methanol. The concentrate can be formulated in the same manner as the HM4001 and HM4005.


Under constant, mild agitation, pour the required amount of concentrated HM4001 or HM4005 Antimicrobial into a container with a previously determined volume of water

Temperature, pH, and Hardness

At a temperature of about 22°C (75°F), and a pH between 4.5 and 6.5, water should be soft to slightly hard. Upon mixing with water, the antimicrobial is then ready to react with the substrate.

Anionic Residue

It is essential that the antimicrobial nish be applied to a substrate that is clean. CAUTION! Anionic detergents should not be used. Because the antimicrobial functions via its cationic charge, excessive anionic material in the presence of the antimicrobial will decrease its efficacy.


The EPA authorized limits of final application concentrations are from 0.01 to 1.0% of active based upon substrate weight. Most applications are optimized at approximately 0.25-0.5%. Before commercialization, one should thoroughly test any application; optimize concentrations, and independently investigate satisfactory performance. Furthermore, when used in combination with other chemicals (i.e. finishes) testing should be performed to demonstrate proper treatment and compatibility.


EPA Registration Number: 83019-3
CAS# 199111-50-7 (trihydroxy)
Application: Water based surface treatments

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HM4001 RTU Antimicrobial:

EPA Registration Number: 83019-2
CAS# 199111-50-7
Application: Water based surface treatments and coatings

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HM4072 Antimicrobial 72% in Methanol:

EPA Registration Number: 83019-4
CAS# 27668-52-6
Application: Non-leaching silicon-based antimicrobial

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