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XYLEX™ Clean Surface Technology

XYLEX™ Protect Powered by BIOSAFE® 

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Adding XYLEX Protect with standard cleaning and disinfection protocols to significantly improve the cleanability of surfaces. A single application of XYLEX Protect helps disinfectants keep high touch surfaces hygienically clean around-the-clock for up to five weeks.

XYLEX Protect Clean Surface Technology has been clinically tested in hospital settings and results showed that it enables more thorough and effective disinfection. This helps maintain low Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels on all high touch surfaces in healthcare environments enabling hospitals to meet strict ATP level standards for five weeks with one application.

This water-based formula is odorless and free of dye, fragrance and harsh chemicals.


Surfaces that resist contamination have been called “smart” coatings, self-cleaning, or stain-resistant. To protect a surface from dirt, debris, and organic matter, you have to treat the surface at the molecular level, not just a superficial coating. Silane surface treatments are known to create strong bonds with surfaces. These bonds can be either ionic or covalent. With silanes you can control surface energy, create super-hydrophobic properties, hydrophilic surface treatments, or even combinations of hydrophobic / hydrophilic energies. Some silanes are known to create self-assembling monolayers that densely pack the surface with the molecular treatment.


BIOSAFE has utilized a variety silanes and siloxanes to create very unique surface energies that resists dirt, organic matter, and staining from unwanted contamination. These chemistrys can be deployed as an additive to existing coatings, or they can enhance a substrate themselves at the molecular level. Surface treatments utilizing silicon-based technology are cost-effective and improve cleanability, saving time and money in the long run.


The unique combination chemistry's BIOSAFE uses for clean surface treatments are safe, zero-VOC, and listed with FDA and NSF-51 for food contact surfaces.

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